Violetta in Pretty Woman:The MusicAl (Broadway)

“But it’s worth noting that at the performance I attended, the number that received the biggest applause wasn’t one of those wistful soliloquies about feelin’ free, or even a high-spirited number about following your dreams. No, the loudest clapping came when Allison Blackwell, the soprano performing Violetta in “La Traviata,” sang her character’s farewell declaration of love. Something like real passion had finally entered the building.”

~Ben Brantley for New York Times

“When Edward and Vivian go to see "La Traviata," they're practically blown off the stage next to Allison Blackwell's stunning soprano.”

~ Roma Torre for NY1

The point-counterpoint in which ensemble member Allison Blackwell and Andy Karl's Edward alternate between her rousing aria from Verdi's La Traviata and his rendition of Adams's and Valance's "Between You and Me" is a deservedly show-stopping highlight. The opera's libretto also being about a prostitute and her rich lover is, as it was in the movie, another apt link to much done romantic visions of beautiful and worthy hookers.

~ Elyse Soomer for CurtainUp

“Best Bit: Allison Blackwell (Violetta) is a beautiful gift to this musical - her operatic voice is angelic and I hope to see her shining on stage for many years to come!”

~Nicola Quinn for New York City Theatre

“Also in the ensemble, Allison Blackwell (A Night With Janis Joplin) delivers one of the show’s most jaw-dropping moments. When Edward takes Vivian to see La traviata, Blackwell’s gorgeous arias pierce the hearts of the audience as much as they do Vivian’s. Interspersed with Edward’s rock-tinged “You and I,” Blackwell’s classical soprano voice is on full display as she nails note after note. It’s a tonal shift from the rest of the show’s music, but its inclusion creates an unforgettable moment that will have audiences clamoring for more.”

~Alex Nagorski for Headhphone Infatuation

“In fact, Karl’s best song, “You and I,” is overshadowed by the couple’s visit to the opera when Violetta’s aria is sung beautifully by Allison Blackwell.”

~Stage Buddy

Sarah's Friend in Ragtime

"The first act concludes with 'Till We Reach That Day,'  performed with soul and heavy heart by Sarah's Friend (Allison Blackwell) and mourners. By now, one attending this event has already experienced, during its first hour and a half, rapturous and penetrating musical theater. ~ Talkin' Broadway  (Fred Sokol)

"Allison Blackwell as Sarah's friend delivers a magnificent rendition of the first act finale, "Till We Reach That Day" which would stop the show cold if the show wasn't already pausing for intermission." ~ Berkshire Bright Focus  (J. Peter Bergman)

"But it’s Allison Blackwell, as Sarah’s friend, who defines the show’s highpoint with her powerful lead vocal in the spiritual, “Til We Reach That Day” that closes Act 1." The Berkshire Edge (Dan Dwyer)

"When Allison Blackwell as Sarah’s friend lifted her voice in “Till We Reach That Day,” the resolve and the grief in it shook the wide room

Aretha Franklin in A Night With Janis Joplin

“Allison Blackwell (who also brings the house down at Aretha Franklin) offers up a spine-chilling 'Summertime’.”-Variety

"Allison Blackwell is terrific."-Daily News

 "Oh, and let’s not forget the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, who blazes onstage sporting more feathers than the titular star. Ms. Blackwell struts as Ms. Franklin.”-New York Times

Fantine in Les Miserables

"Even his singing, though, is outshone by Allison Blackwell’s Fantine, whose rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” should be used to force Ann Hathaway to give back her Oscar." 

“Allison Blackwell, heartbreaking and beautiful as a womanly Fantine, delivers ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ and other songs in a resonant mezzo voice that has everything she needs to make us feel her love and despair."

“Also impressive are Allison Blackwell as Fantine who palpably exudes pathos in this, the saddest role in the play."

Moon/ Washing Machine in Caroline, or Change

“Especially vivid impressions are made by, among others, Allison Blackwell as a crooning evocation of a silvery moon.”- The Washington Post 

Dotty Moffett/Washing Machine in Caroline, or Change

In the basement, the washing machine transforms into a hip-swishing apparition, delightfully brought to life by Allison Blackwell (she’s great here, and even better as Caroline’s forward-thinking friend, Dotty). -KQED Arts

Sister Sophia in The Sound of Music 

"The jewel tones of the nun’s chorus — with a particularly noteworthy showing by Allison Blackwell as Sister Sophia — further bolster the show’s all-around success." -The Star-Ledger

Broadway Close Up: The Songs of Harold Arlen

"Allison Blackwell made her series debut with a sassy “Legalize My Name” from St. Louis Woman, and later tore the house down with “The Man That Got Away.” The first act ended with the trio of Matthew Scott singing “When The Sun Comes Out,” Allison on “Stormy Weather” and Kate Baldwin with “Right as the Rain” each singing separately and together in a complicated David Loud arrangement that was simply thrilling and jaw dropping at the same time".-Theater Pizzazz

Elvis: The King's Songbook at the Kimmel Center

"Allison Blackwell added a magnetic stage presence and expert vocals to the evening.Her voice is rich, with a wide range and very powerful. At the same time, she makes full use of vocal colors, dynamics, from soft to very loud, and facial expressions, depending on the emotion communicated. My favorites were two contrasting performances: “Always on My Mind” and “If I Can Dream.” “Always on My Mind” is a more subdued song, while in “If I Can Dream” Blackwell went into gospel mode, passionate and mighty."-DC Metro Theatre Arts

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